About the Workshop

Blockchain technology is considered as one of the most popular catchphrases in recent times. Blockchain is a publicly verifiable, shared, immutable ledger for recording the history of transactions, where a block contains a set of transactions, a hash of the previous block, timestamp, and so on. The blockchain technology has shown huge potential in financial applications like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Smart contracts, etc. It is expected in near future that the blockchain technology along with cryptographic primitives can reshape e-governance, healthcare, Smart IOT applications with respect to security, privacy, efficiency, transparency, and fault-resistances.
This workshop aims to share knowledge on the growing importance of blockchain technology in real-world applications and challenges on the following topics:

  • Blockchain basics and applications;
  • Crypto-currency platform and technology;
  • Smart Contracts and potential applications; and
  • Security, Privacy, and challenges.

Target Audience

  • Faculty, Research scholars, Master and Senior undergraduates student
  • Industry professionals, bankers, consultants, and entrepreneurs
  • Scientists and researchers from R&D organizations