Cyber Security Research Group@DA-IICT

About Us

The Security Group at DA-IICT carries out research on applied cryptographic algorithms, security protocols, design of lightweight cryptographic primitives, key management and access controls. The research work in the group is supported by various projects funded by DST and IFCPAR/CEFIPRA, Govt. of India.

The Group contributes to:

  • research and development in cyber secuirty areas;
  • teaching in undergraduate and postgraduate programs;
  • training to professionals in cyber security and allied disciplines; and
  • consultancy and collaboration with industry, academia, Govt. and R&D Organizations.

  • We are looking for self-motivated PhD students...If you wish to join in the group, you may apply through our regular PhD admission process conducted in June and November in every year.
    Alternatively, you may write to Dr. Manik Lal Das by sending your CV and one page research plan/statement at

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