Cyber Security Research Group@DA-IICT

Group Alumni

    PhD Graduates
    Sarita Agrawal, 2017
    Thesis: Node Capture Attack in WSN
    Supervisor: Dr. Manik Lal Das

    Navin Kumar, 2017
    Thesis: Data Outsourcing in Cloud
    Supervisor: Dr. Anish Mathuria

    M.Tech. Graduates
    Shruti Naik [2016 Batch]
    Thesis: Privacy Preserving Identity Verification and Verifiable Computation For HealthCare System
    Supervisor: Dr. Manik Lal Das

    K. Hemantha [2016 Batch]
    Thesis: On Minimality Attack in Privacy Preserving Data Publishing
    Supervisor: Dr. Manik Lal Das

    Vishal Maral [2016 Batch]
    Thesis: Auditing Access to Private Data By Android Applications
    Supervisor: Dr. Manik Lal Das

    Dhwani Patel [2016 Batch]
    Thesis: Tampered Image Detection using SVM Classifier
    Supervisor: Dr. Manik Lal Das

    Arjun Londhey [2015 Batch]
    Thesis: Image Protection using Genetic Algorithm
    Supervisor: Dr. Manik Lal Das

    Ainish Dave [2015 Batch]
    Thesis: Private Information Retrieval in Healthcare Application
    Supervisor: Dr. Manik Lal Das

    Krunal Panchal [2015 Batch]
    Thesis: Payment System for Differently abled Person
    Supervisor: Dr. Manik Lal Das

    Ritu Sharma [2015 Batch]
    Thesis: Authentication of Search Results
    Supervisor: Dr. Manik Lal Das

    Garima Garg [2014 Batch]
    Thesis: Privacy Preservation in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks
    Supervisor: Dr. Manik Lal Das

    Arun Krishnan [2014 Batch]
    Thesis: Medical image security with cheater identification using secret sharing
    Supervisor: Dr. Manik Lal Das

    Jay Dave [2013 Batch]
    Thesis: Secure SQL with Access Control for Database as a Service Model
    Supervisor: Dr.Manik Lal Das

    Shefali Jain [2010 Batch]
    Thesis: Misbehavior Detection Scheme for Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks
    Supervisor: Dr. Anish Mathuria

    Subhas Kumar Singh [2010 Batch]
    Thesis: Identification of an Inteligent Attacker in ARP Spoofing
    Supervisor: Dr. Anish Mathuria

    Shaik Basha [2010 Batch]
    Thesis: Improvement of RAD Technique for Detecting Reflector based DoS Attack
    Supervisor: Dr. Anish Mathuria

    Saurabh Singh [2009 Batch]
    Thesis: Wireless LAN 802.11 Security using Elliptic Curve Cryptography
    Supervisor: Dr. Manik Lal Das

    Mayur Maheswari [2009 Batch]
    Thesis: Secure Data Delivery in Ad-Hoc Network
    Supervisor: Dr. Manik Lal Das

    Anil Mundra [2008 Batch]
    Thesis: Key Assignmnet Scheme using Hirarchical Access Control
    Supervisor: Dr. Anish Mathuria

    B.Tech. Graduates
    Following students worked under the supervison of Dr. Manik Lal Das
    Komal Falodiya [2013 Batch]
    Rahul Saranjame [2013 Batch]
    Jaya Mundra [2013 Batch]
    Nikita Jain [2013 Batch]

    Harsh Patel [2012 Batch]
    Thousif Ameer Khan [2012 Batch]
    Nandan Parikh [2012 Batch]
    Nikhil Reddy [2012 Batch]

    Rutvij Shah [2011 Batch]
    Mrunal Dave [2011 Batch]
    Natasha Garg [2011 Batch]

    Swarnim Vyas [2010 Batch]
    Bhavya Bansal [2010 Batch]
    Vidhan Agarwal [2010 Batch]
    Priyal Jain [2010 Batch]
    Shah kathan pareshkumar [2010 Batch]
    Sharda Nirav Vonodkumar[2010 Batch]
    Aditi Agarwal [2010 Batch]

    Kratika Singh [2009 Batch]
    Anand Mudgerikar [2009 Batch]
    Sneha Maheshwari [2009 Batch]
    Songhela Raghuvir[2009 Batch]
    Surbhi Paliwal [2009 Batch]

    Divyajit Samrat [2008 Batch]

    Anshul Singhal [2007 Batch]
    Bhanu Teja Cherukuri[2007 Batch]
    Akhil N [2007 Batch]

    C. Anudeep [2006 Batch]
    Prasann Shah [2006 Batch]
    Rajesh Jain [2005 Batch]
    Vishal Somani [2006 Batch]
    Chandrapal Chahar [2006 Batch]
    Vishal Singh Chauhan [2006 Batch]
    Akshun Kumar [2006 Batch]

    Navkar Samdaria [2005 Batch]
    Anurag Jain [2005 Batch]
    Gourav Goyal [2005 Batch]
    Vikrant Chaplot [2005 Batch]
    Suvansh Lal [2005 Batch]
    Swati Verma [2005 Batch]
    Rahul Sinha [2005 Batch]
    Amit Sharma [2005 Batch]
    Sachin Gupta [2005 Batch]
    Siva Charan Muraharirao [2005 Batch]
    Ajeet Singh Shekhawat [2005 Batch]
    Prakash Josyula [2005 Batch]

    Aakash Joshi [2004 Batch]
    Pranetha Reddy [2004 Batch]
    Mayank Saxena [2004 Batch]
    Prateek Tambi [2004 Batch]
    Sankalp Sunder [2004 Batch]

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