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Name : Research Interests Thesis Supervisor
Vivek Munagala

Information Security, Cryptography , Proofs of Security

Proofs of Security for Key Establishment Protocols in CK Model

Anudeep Chappa

Security Protocols

Prerna Rustagi

Security Protocol analysis

Study of Patching of Incorrect Security Protocols

Venkatesh Donavalli

Information Security

Near by Friend Problem

Karthik Nagar

Information Security

Automatic generation of Protocols

Swarnika Rastogi

Security Protocols

Detection of False Attacks

Akshun Kumar

Security protocols

Certificate-less Cryptography

Aanchal Jindal

Handover authentication protocols

Handover authentication protocols

Animesh Agarwal

System security, Security Protocols

Hardware approaches to system security

Astha Singhal

Security Protocol Analysis

Study of protocol patching

Prasann Shah

security in distributed computing

Self-Healing scheme for wireless networks

Vaibhav Shrimali

Security Protocols, System Security, Wireless Network Security

StackOfFence - A faulty approach